Saturday, November 20, 2010

Menu Labeling: Futureproof Now For The Future

Do you want your menu, menu boards and any other in-restaurant display signage to survive changes in the future and not become outdated and in need of constant revision? Would you like to get a handle on your menu and sign budget without constant charges having to be made against it due to menu labeling legislation? Wouldn’t it be better to be proactive about your brand, improve its reputation and customer visits, while also complying with any menu labeling legislation instead?

Standardized menu-labeling legislation is coming in 2011. The FDA will provide an update by the end of this year and publish final regulations by March 23, 2011. Whether it is 20+ location restaurant chains at first and does not include limited time offers, this is seen as just the tip of the iceberg. However, investing in a digital sign solution today, which can easily change and ensure compliance year after year makes smart business sense. Not only will it help you display caloric information to comply with this legislation, it is a good bet that additional legislation will be coming afterwards with regard to such things like; nutritional information, allergen information and even food origin information. No need to reprint signs, hand outs, menu boards and menus each and every time this type of new labeling legislation is passed if you already had a digital sign solution. In addition, being proactive today not only ensures return on your investment later, but used properly, a basic or full featured digital signage solution will also increase customer loyalty, their average spend and frequency of visits. So a penny spent wisely today will earn (and save) you many more tomorrow.