Thursday, May 20, 2010

Standardize Touch Gestures For Digital Signage Kiosks

With touch screen shipments going way up year over year and the touch interface made popular by the iPhone since its launch in 2007 now mainstream, more and more people are becoming comfortable with and know how to operate a touch screen enabled device. So rather than reinventing the wheel, when it comes time to develop your interactive touch screen digital signage kiosk why not use touch gestures that have already been popularized by the successful products responsible for this trend (and that are already familiar with the end-user)? From basic gestures to more complex navigation actions The Touch Gesture Reference Guide by Craig Villamor, Dan Willis, and Luke Wroblewski aims to do just that, to help standardize touch screen interface gestures across all types of devices. It is a well designed and easy to understand document. I highly recommend to anyone developing a touch enabled device or kiosk to become familiar with it in advance. Although it cannot guarantee success, it will help you save time developing the operation specifications for your product and make it easier to use.