Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Even When Its Hot, Digital Signage Refreshes

With most of the country in the middle of a heat wave and what looks like a record breaking hot summer, isn’t it a good time to educate your customers about heat exhaustion while selling more cold drinks with a digital sign? At any age, rule #1 when the heat index goes well above 100 degrees, drink plenty of fluids, regardless of your activity level and before you get thirsty, to avoid heat exhaustion and dehydration. So if you offer cold beverages and you’re not promoting their benefit during the dog days of summer, it is not too late to start. A customer facing digital sign can promote iced coffee selections in the morning, cold refreshing drinks in the afternoon, and even a public service message on the benefits of staying hydrated when it gets so hot outside. Signs at point of sale can increase your customer average spend and educate them too, so you increase revenue and improve customer experience. A digital sign can be programmed to change based on time of day or even the weather, and can display your message with beautiful HD imagery and video. You can get started with little investment, along with a return that takes weeks not years. Ice cold digital sign anybody? Contact me here if you would like to learn how.