Saturday, June 12, 2010

The A-Team: There Is No Plan B, Even With Digital Signage

You would think as a digital signage consultant that I wouldn't think twice when passing the ever increasing amount of LED billboards along the highways of New Jersey. But Thursday, June 10th I did. Thanks to network distribution a new release of anything, or a special event for that matter no longer becomes dated and can be promoted differently depending on when it occurs. For example, when the A-Team opened in theaters last Friday, June 11th and I drove by an A-Team billboard on June 10th, the billboard said, Opening Tomorrow. I just thought that was such a simple testimonial to one of the many benefits of network digital signage, not just being relevant and location aware, but time aware too. Now only if it could help box office sales of the A-Team movie. That might be something even digital signage cannot improve.