Friday, January 15, 2010

Digital Signage Tipping Point Now Tipping: Retail’s Big Show 2010 Recap

As mentioned in my previous post citing DispalySearch, more and more large IT companies are getting serious about digital signage, sending that domino and an entire industry ever closer to its tipping point.

Its been tweeted and blogged about lots and lots all week, but in case you missed it, for further insight I would recommend reading Ken Goldberg’s “Broad Thinking. Narrowcasting.” post (along with my comment), as well as David Weinfeld’s “Digital Signage Insights” post, and also this WSJ article "Intel, Microsoft Offer Smart Sign Technology". This will get you caught up quickly with what happened earlier this week at the National Retail Federation Show at the Javits’ Center in NYC.

In brief, I attended and was very excited to see digital signage solutions taking center stage right next to other key technology solutions for retail from several of the largest technology companies in the U.S. Some were promoting their partner solutions (Dell, Intel, Microsoft) while others demonstrated current and future possibilities integrating their technology (HP, Intel, Microsoft, NCR) and others their own branded solutions (Cisco). In addition, highlighted in some of these exhibits and in their own spaces, were several leading digital signage software companies demonstrating simpler, easier to use and less expensive solutions for small to medium sized businesses interested in installing digital signs. The end result is lots and lots of positive spin about digital signage for the rest of us in the game. More importantly, to those of you considering how to best resell or implement digital signage in your business, more and more resources and certified solutions from leading tech companies are now available. Let me know if you would you like to know more.