Sunday, April 12, 2009

Remembering What You See Requires Focused Attention

Bigger better faster cheaper and on and on it goes. While this phenomenon has helped give rise to the digital signage industry and countless other more efficient processes, thanks in part to being able to do more with less, it does not mean open season on displaying as much information as possible on a beautiful state-of-the-art high resolution flat panel display just because you can.

Being able to view and take in a lot of information may be necessary for analytical applications and operation centers but for your typical digital signage display, I don't think so. If there is a method and a logic to the way in which you lay out and design the information to appear on a screen maybe, but always keep in mind whether or not it meets the objective of your client and the dwell time of the audience. A Carnegie Mellon brain imaging study showed that when performing two tasks at once, a person's brain activity is only 56 percent of what it was when focused on the two activities separately. In other words, when you try to do or look at too many things at once, your brain doesn't work as well. As a college professor of mine would always say, "KISS" or Keep It Simple Stupid!