Thursday, April 30, 2009

To Ticker, Flipper, Scroll or Crawl...Or Not At All, Part Deux

In a previous post I talked about how, depending on your digital signage objectives and the dwell time of your customer, whether a text crawl adds or distracts. A recent NYTimes story talks about how some TV networks have been leaving their crawl live during commercials to help; a) keep viewers tuned in to the commercial itself and, b) less likely to change the channel. So while the crawl may keep TV viewers tuned in, especially during commercials, the TV show they are watching is the prime reason why they are tuned to a specific TV network to being with. Translated to a digital signage layout, that should make use of a crawl (ticker, flipper, scroll or otherwise) a distant second to the main message that you are trying to captivate your audience with.